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In the middle of the incessant noise and the frantic activity of the centre of Barcelona, there is a restaurant that invite to participate in a journey through the land’s flavours. This is Petit Comitè, that summarizes the essence of the Catalan cuisine combining the best seasonal and proximity products with a contemporary and modern presentation.
Led by the cook Nandu Jubany, with a Michelin Guide star, our challenge is to collect the experience of the most traditional dishes to transform them with products coming from the forest, sea and vegetable garden, creating a new appetising concept, built upon traditional Catalan recipes.
That way, we transfer to Barcelona the warmth and homelikeness, closeness, and above all, the singular gastronomy that has been for more than two decades the presentation card of Can Jubany, Nandu Jubany’s restaurant in Calldetenes.
Petit Comitè is an invitation to explore and discover the pleasure of good taste.

Season and proximity

The quality of the products we work with is the key to reach the gastronomic result we want. Aware of that, in Petit Comitè we always stake on seasonal products, adapting our carte to the season cycles of the year and not the opposite, and on proximity products, always prioritising km 0.


A warm and actual setting

The restaurant is distributed in a balanced way in different settings, that invite to have informal dinners between friends or events with the family, or business meals that need a private room.