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    Petit Comitè

The dishes we make and serve are the result of passion, enthusiasm, effort, dedication and strenght of teamwork. This is a team composed of professional chefs and waiters, that work with complicity and cohesion to give happiness.
We feel the privilege of creating smiles, complicities and memories from the kitchen, from the palate. We like to think that you will remember the Petit Comitè experience as a day, a moment, a special time shared around a table.

Petit Comitè Team

Nandu Jubany is an unconditional cuisine lover and a reference of the Catalan high-end gastronomy. Related to this profession from his childhood, his restaurant Can Jubany, in the district of Osona, has a star on the Michelin Guide since 1998.

Our cuisine

In Petit Comitè, Nandu Jubany reaffirms the tradition of the grandmothers’ cuisine in a 100% actual format. Based on the traditional Catalan recipes, classical flavours and values are united in an amazing and actual presentation, that follows and marks the latest culinary trends.

At ours, you will find a gastronomic proposal that looks for and find the balance between a traditional quality cuisine and a modern and brilliant one, between complexity and subtlety. The secret of Jubany’s team is to know well the popular recipes and to love the gastronomic origins, but without renouncing to anything, with his own recipes full of classical formulations and modern approaches.