Petit Comité participated in the ninth edition of Tapa Solidària for Casal dels Infants.

We have chosen our “Gilda” as our contribution to the fundraising event. The funds collected will be dedicated to the service “Vincles” (Bonds) at Casal dels Infants, a maternal and child-friendly space for mothers with children under 3 years of age in a situation of social exclusion. Another service which shall also benefit is that of Casal Familiar, which offers disadvantaged families with children advice and a space for mutual support.

Until January 8th, for every Gilda consumed at Petit Comité, 0.5€ will go towards Casal.

Thanks to the 64 restaurants that are supporting this project, more than 1,500 people in vulnerable situations may benefit from the event.

We are delighted that our work and our gastronomy contribute to social action!