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    The Team


The dishes we prepare and serve are the result of passion, enthusiasm, effort, dedication and the strength of teamwork. A team made up of kitchen and dining room professionals, who work with complicity and cohesion to bring happiness.
We feel the privilege of creating smiles, complicities and memories from the kitchen, from the palate. We like to think that you will remember the Petit Comitè experience as a day, a moment, a special time shared around a table.

Petit Comitè Team


Carles Gaig was born in the district of Horta, surrounded by stoves in a family dedicated to cooking since 1869 at the so-called Taberna d’en Gaig. He always helped his family but it was not until the 70s when his mother’s blindness made him take over the reins of the restaurant in which he received so much influence from his great-grandmother and his mother and which he lovingly applies in his classic recipes, especially the cannelloni, one of his most emblematic dishes that he has been cooking successfully since his beginnings.

Our cuisine

At Petit Comitè, Carles Gaig reaffirms the tradition of grandma’s cooking in a 100% modern format. Based on the traditional Catalan cookbook, it combines the traditional flavours and values with a surprising, modern presentation, which follows and sets the latest culinary trends.

At our restaurant you will find a gastronomic proposal that seeks and finds the balance between quality traditional and modern bright cuisines, between complexity and subtlety. Carles Gaig team’s secret is a thorough knowledge of the popular recipe book and an appreciation of the gastronomic origins but without giving up anything, with their own recipe book filled with classic statements and modern approaches.