Petit Comitè was awarded 1 Sol ( 1 sun ) this year at the 2020 Repsol Guide Gala, held yesterday.
Thus, we became one of the 16 restaurants in Barcelona with this distinction, along with Moments, Al Kostat, Aürt, Dos Peppers, Oria, Sofía Be So and Xavier Pellicer.

With 41 years of history, this year’s new Repsol Guide has presented a change in the rating system, which has been developed alongside the Basque Culinary Center, comprising evaluations from 50 inspectors and more than 1300 restaurants visited in Spain in 2019.

In addition, the overall customer experience is taken into account, from the moment you make the reservation until you leave the restaurant. Variables such as sustainability, zero kilometre foods, circular economy and project consistency, service and winery also come into play.

Our congratulations to all the restaurants with distinctions in the 2020 Repsol Guide, and in particular, our Can Jubany colleagues who have revalidated their 3 Soles ( 3 suns ), the highest distinction of the guide!!!

In the photo, Nandu Jubany, Melani Sevilla and Ramon Blanch with the Repsol Sun of Petit Comitè!