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Give Petit Comitè

Let us suggest a different way to surprise your friends and family: experience Petit Comitè, an original way of gifting someone the magic of our gastronomy.
Petit Comitè Experiences are an adventure, which go far and beyond gastronomy. They are the sum of the passion, emotion and sensitivity we want to convey through everything we do.
We look forward to enjoying this Petit Comitè Experience with you!

You can get a Petit Comitè Experience by selecting any of the packages below. Once the booking is complete, you will go directly to the electronic payment page, where you will be able to check the purchasing conditions before continuing. Next, you will receive a confirmation email with the bill.

You will receive the Petit Comitè Experience gift box (postal charges paid throughout Catalonia) within 3 working days approximately.

Petit Comitè Experiences have an open date – lunch or dinner – and have an expiry date of four months from the moment of purchase.

All the Petit Comitè Experiences are valid for two people.

For further information: 93 633 76 27 | info@petitcomite.cat

Jubany gifts will apply the expiring date when the restaurant has reopened.