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    Nandu Jubany

    The traditional Catalan recipes

Nandu Jubany is an unconditional cuisine lover and a reference of the Catalan high-end gastronomy. Related to this profession from his childhood, his restaurant Can Jubany, in the district of Osona, has a star on the Michelin Guide since 1998.
His gastronomic proposal looks for and finds the balance between a traditional quality cuisine and a modern and brilliant one, between complexity and subtlety. His secret is to know well the popular recipes and to love the gastronomic origins, but without renouncing to anything, with his own recipes full of classical formulations and modern approaches.
In Petit Comitè, Nandu Jubany reaffirms the tradition of the grandmothers’ cuisine in a 100% actual format. Based on the traditional Catalan recipes, classical flavours and values are united in an amazing and actual presentation, that follows and marks the latest culinary trends.

A life related to the stoves

The link between Nandu Jubany and the kitchen has always existed: when he was 18 he entered as head cook in Urbisol, the family restaurant, and then he worked in other establishments of prestige like Cabo Mayor, in Madrid, or Fonda Sala, in Olost de Lluçanès. He also spent some time in Euskadi, in Juan Mari Arzak’s kitchen, and in Bodegón Alejandro, of Martín Berasategui, where he became conscious of what working in a gastronomic restaurant means.

In 1995, Nandu Jubany and his wife, Anna Orte, opened the doors of Can Jubany, a space to discover a new taste concept, that soon became a gastronomic reference. In 1998, the restaurant and its cook received the Michelin star.


Push the gastronomy beyond

Jubany then began a phase of expansion of his culinary project with the opening of Mas d’Osor and the Serrat del Figaró (two spaces that are a reference for the organisation of events) and the gastronomic hotel Mas Albereda. The consolidation of the Jubany team as a meal organiser for important events led to the creation of Jubany Events.

In 2014, the Repsol Guide awarded its highest gastronomic recognition in Spain, the three Repsol Suns, to the cook and its restaurant Can Jubany. The same year, the cook opened the Restaurant FOC in Singapore. Currently, Nandu Jubany manages the restaurants of the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa in Andorra, he is a gastronomic consultant for the Majestic Hotel Group and the owner of the restaurant Petit Comitè in Barcelona.