Gilda Petit Comitè

Petit Comité participated in the ninth edition of Tapa Solidària for Casal dels Infants.

We have chosen our “Gilda” as our contribution to the fundraising event. The funds collected will be dedicated to the service “Vincles” (Bonds) at Casal dels Infants, a maternal and child-friendly space for mothers with children under 3 years of age in a situation of social exclusion. Another service which shall also benefit is that of Casal Familiar, which offers disadvantaged families with children advice and a space for mutual support.

Until January 8th, for every Gilda consumed at Petit Comité, 0.5€ will go towards Casal.

Thanks to the 64 restaurants that are supporting this project, more than 1,500 people in vulnerable situations may benefit from the event.

We are delighted that our work and our gastronomy contribute to social action!

February 25, 2019

Petit Comité with # BWSV18

Costella de porc

Nandu Jubany is one of the chefs who are supporting today’s edition of the Business Social Value, a solidarity event to be held in the Palace of Congresses of Catalonia, in Barcelona.

Along with the Petit Comité team, Jubany will be in charge of the roast pork ribs with potato parmentier.

Together, the participating chefs will prepare an exceptional solidarity menu consisting of: beans and cod salad, roast cannelloni, potato stew with squid, roast chicken with nuts, roast pork rib, meatballs with mushrooms and desserts.

We are very happy to contribute to this event that helps the social transformation of companies by promoting social and sustainable behaviours, championing the economic sustainability of Special Employment Centres and non-profit Business Insertion companies.


The Petit Comité joins the Tapa Solidaria one more year, in which the restaurants taking part in this initiative choose a tapa and allocate 50 cents of each to the ‘Casal dels Infants del Raval.’

This year is the eighth edition of the Tapa Solidaria and the Petit Comité will participate with the ‘cod fritters’. The contribution collected from all the tapas served until January 13th will go to the ‘Vincles project’, and will help mothers with children aged under three who are in a situation of social exclusion.


The Petit Comité’s stand at the Mercat de Mercats in Barcelona received a large number of visits during the three-day festival of ‘product’, from 19th to 21st of October.

The public was able to savour the ‘Seasonal mushroom croquette’ and the ‘Open omelette with sobrassada on flat bread & tomato’ as part of the tapas tasting. From the Petit Comité we would like to thank Barcelona markets institution for having organised this festival initiative, to add value to our local produce and trade, but also to bring visitors closer to then get surprised by the flavour of our tapas.


The Petit Comitè joins the Mercat de Mercats initiative, the gastronomic product festival promoted by Barcelona markets institution, which will take place in the Cathedral avenue from 19th to 21st of October.

Among the variety of programmes, several restaurants and bars will be in charge of a tapas tasting, in which El Petit Committee will prepare tapas such as the  ‘Seasonal mushroom croquette ‘ and the  ‘Open omelette with sobrassada with flat bread and tomato’.


The gastronomic proposal of the Petit Comité is always linked to Catalan gastronomic tradition and, consequently, also to the use of local and seasonal products. Therefore, both the menu and the tasting menu, welcome new dishes and replace others so as to enjoy new flavours and textures that can only be pleasured for a short period of time.

Among the new dishes, the seasonal menu features free range chicken cannelloni with seasonal mushrooms, or grilled tuna with fruit and cod salt. Mushrooms go side by side with artichokes joining another proposal such as the deer loin with artichokes, local chanterelles and spring garlic.


The restaurant Petit Comité celebrated one of the “Sopars Empordanesos” at four hands on Thursday, April the 12th. The dinner consisted of a tasting menu with gastronomic proposals by the chefs Nandu Jubany – Restaurant Petit Comité – and by Albert Sastregener – restaurant Bo.TiC – from l’Empordà.

The appetizers had representative proposals of Jubany cuisine, for example ‘The best olives in the world’, the ‘Jijona nougat with anchovies from L’Escala’, ‘Peas with cod bellies’ or ‘Black pudding tasting’; while Sastregener offered the succulent ‘Chicken Catalan style’ dish, ‘Duck with orange’, the ‘ Xuixo with truffle’ and ‘ Tatin with green apple, smoked eel and foie gras’.

Main dishes selected by Nandu Jubany were the ‘Pere Bahí’s dry rice with prawns from Palamós’ and the ‘Sea cucumber with bacon, artichokes and sea urchins’; and from l’Empordà the proposals by Albert Sastregener were ‘Brandada of cod, white asparagus and roasted pepper’ and ‘Carré de Cordero (lamb), humus, black garlic and vegetables’.

The desserts on Nandu Jubany was his ‘Egg Flan’ and on Abert Sastregener was his “ Sotobosque – Chocolate, Tamarind and Hazelnut’, both were the final touches of the event.


On 12th April, the restaurant Petit Comitè will bring together the cuisine of Nandu Jubany with that of Albert Sastregener, from the restaurant Bo.TiC, in the setting of the ‘Sopars Empordanesos a 4 mans’. This spectacular food and wine show, in a Barcelona Restaurant located on the other side of the Empordà, proposes a unique tasting menu, paired with two wine cellars from the most eastern part of Catalonia.

And so, the ‘Sopars Empordanesos a 4 mans’ initiative combines the presence of Nandu Jubany and the cuisine of Petit Comitè with that of Albert Sastregener, head of Bo.TiC. In the combination of dishes, the wines will be matched with wines from the Espelt cellars and Vinyes dels Aspres.

Reservations for dinner on 12th April must be made directly, by contacting Petit Comitè (936 33 76 27).

See the ‘Sopar Empordanès’ menu at Petit Comitè


The newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya speaks this Friday about the conversion of the Passatge de la Concepció in Barcelona into a place dedicated to gastronomy. On this street you will find the restaurant Petit Comitè (no. 13), which the daily newspaper highlights as an emblem of Catalan cuisine, as reinterpreted by Nandu Jubany.

The Passatge de la Concepció, located between Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla Catalunya, is home to a total of 8 restaurants and a cocktail bars. You can read the article Passatge de la Concepció: gastronomic glamour at El Periódico de Catalunya.

Business With Social Value-1

The Petit Comitè restaurant, this Wednesday, hosted a press conference to present the Business With Social Value (BWSV). The BWSV will take place on Wednesday, December 20th, and is an annual meeting between companies and workplaces or non-profit labour integration companies to promote business opportunities with social value.

About fifteen of the cooks who will take part in the Xefs Solidaris initiative were present at the presentation ceremony, in which around twenty cooks will prepare a free 5 starred menu for all those attending the meeting. Among the cooks involved in the initiative is Nandu Jubany.