The landscape, the culture and the emotions of the land on a single menu

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A gastronomic stroll around Catalonia; a journey of the senses through reinvented traditional recipes, that that attend to the smallest details. This is what we propose on the menus of Petit Comitè, elaborated by Nandu Jubany and in constant evolution, bound to the proximity and seasonality of products.
We experiment with textures, flavours and scents and we explore new taste concepts to provide the guest with a unique experience. Our proposals are the result of the passion, effort and inspiration of the whole Petit Comitè team. True to the chef’s philosophy, they reflect the history and maturity of a life in the kitchen, and they capture the landscape, the culture and the emotions of our land.

Seasonal menu

Duo of tartars: tuna and scuid
Gaig cannelloni with Black truffle cream
Hake with citric veloutée and pea puree
Suckling pig with strawberries and onion salad

Our Catalan Cream
Chocolate textures

(the entire table must participate). To whom it may concern, if you have any allergy or intolerances, please ask for the further informations to our staff.

68 €


Tapas to share…
Natural oyster 4,90 €/unit
Anchovies “XL” from l’Escala 3,00 €/ filet
Gran Reserva Iberian ham 26,00 €
“Sobrassada” from Mallorca with honey and bread with tomato 10,00 €
Cod fritters 3,00 € /unit 12 €
Chicken croquettes 2,50 € /unit 9 €
Fried battered squid with lime mayonnaise 22,50 €
Bread with tomato, salt and extra virgin olive oil 3,50 €

Cold starters
Goad cheese salad 18,50 €
Foie gras terrine with brioche 25,50 €
Shrimp salad with mango and beetroot 25,50 €
Red prawn carpaccio with soya sauce 28,50 €
Duo of tartars, sea-bass and tuna blue-fin 29,90 €
Puff pastry with caramelized apple and foie of Nandu 23,50 €

Warm starters
Grilled vegetables with romesco 16,50 €
Veal brains in two styles, grilled and fried with celery salad 19,50 €
Open omelette with cod, crochet beans, garlic and “piquillo” peppers 26,50 €
Cardinal macaroni 16,00 €
Gaig cannelloni’s with black truffle cream 24,00 €

Our rice and noodles… (they are cooked to order, please wait 20 minutes)
Palafrugell-style cuttlefish black rice 30,50 €
Dry seafood rice 34,90 €
Squid and prawn fideua 29,00 €
Pigeon and boletus rice 29,50 €
To whom it may concern, if you have any allergies or intolerances, please ask for the further information to our staff

From the sea…
Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and cayenne pepper 24,50 €
Scallops with vegetables and Iberian ham 31,90 €
Grilled red tuna with pickled sauce and baby vegetables 31,50 €
Hake with citric veloutée and pea puree 28,50 €
Cod fish with ‘’pil-pil’’ sauce and black garlic 26,50 €
Oven roasted monkfish with potatoes, iberic ham and garlic 29,90 €
Grilled sea-bass, with celery and vegetables 37,50 €

The meat…
Steak tartar with soufflé potatoes and toasts 27,00 €
“Tripa i cap i pota” with fries 22,50 €
Bone marrow with steak tartar and soufflé potatoes 29,50 €
Veal “fricandó” 24,00 €
Grilled veal filet with parmentier and pont neuff potatoes 32,50 €
Pig’s feet stuffed with duck confit 22,50 €
Suckling pig with strawberries and onion salad 27,50 €
Sweetbreads with mustard parmentier 32,00 €
Grilled pigeon “espeto “ and candied mushrooms 36,50 €
Roasted poularda in catalan style 31,50 €


We also offer half portions of our dishes. We will charge 60% of the full portion price.
Snack service, bread service 5.00€
(If you don’t want it you must inform us)
Tax Included

Our desserts

La nostre crema Catalana
Nuestra crema Catalana
Our Catalan cream
8.50 €

Mousse d’ametlla i amaretto
Mousse de almendra y amaretto
Almond mousse and amaretto
9.50 €

Cheescake cremos (2-3 PAX)
Cheescake cremosa con helado de vainilla
Creamy cheesecake with vanilla ice cream
19.50 €

Baba al rom
Baba al ron
Baba with rum
10.50 €

Textures de xocolata 70%
Texturas de chocolate 70%
Chocolate textures 70%
11 €

Gelats i sorbets
Helados y sorbetes
Ice creams and sorbets
8.50 €

Postre del dia
Postre del día
Dessert of the day

Selecció de formatges
Selección de quesos
Cheese selection


Menu nº1

  • Snack of the day
  • Shrimps salad, mango and beetroot
  • Lacquered scallops, artichokes and ham
  • Creamy veal from Gerona chitakes and parmentier
  • Our Catalan cream

65€ Taxes included


Menú nº 2

  • Snack of the day
  • Watermelon gazpacho and king crab
  • Boletus risotto
  • Baked monkfish with potatoes, Iberian ham and fried garlic
  • Cheesecake with red fruits

78€ Taxes included


Menú nº 3

  • Snack of the day
  • Mediterranean duo: tuna and squid tartar
  • Gaig cannelloni with black truffle cream
  • Hake with citric veloutée and pea puree
  • Suckling pig with strawberries and onion salad
  • Our catalan cream
  • Chocolate textures

73€ Taxes included


Menú nº 4

  • Snack of the day
  • Oyster of Marennes
  • Mediterranean duo: tuna and squid tartar
  • Foie terrine and brioche
  • Cannelloni of Gaig and truffle cream
  • Lacquered scallops, artichokes and ham
  • Roasted poularde of Penedés
  • Creamy black chocolate with nuts

110€ Taxes included