The landscape, the culture and the emotions of the land on a sole carte

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A gastronomic stroll around Catalonia; a journey of the senses through reinvented traditional recipes, that take care of the smallest details. This is what we propose on our carte and the menus of Petit Comitè, elaborated by Nandu Jubany and constantly updated, always related to proximity and seasonal products.
We play with the textures, flavours and scents and we explore new taste concepts to lead the guest to live a unique experience. Our proposals are the result of the passion, effort and illumination of the whole Petit Comitè team. True to the cook’s philosophy, they reflect the history and maturity of a whole life at the stoves, and they capture the landscape, the culture and the emotions of our land.

Seasonal menu

  • Cod fritter
  • Can Rovira sobrasada with honey and bread with tomato
  • Mini foie-gras over puffed pastry with caramelized apple
  • Egg cooked at low temperature with vegetables and sobrasada crumbles
  • Baked monkfish with potatoes, ham and fried garlic or Veal fricassee with potatoes
  • Our homemade deserts

(the entire table has to participate)

52 €


Tapas to share…

  • Bread with tomato, salt and extra virgin olive oil…4 €
  • Codfish brochette with olive, anchovies, pickled cucumber and green chilly…6 €
  • The best olives stuffed with anchovies…8 €
  • Cured Catalan sausage from Vic…12 €
  • Iberian ham…21 €
  • Anchovies from L’Escala…3’5 €/filet
  • Marinated Tuna belly in potato salad…12 €
  • Cod fritters…3 € /unit
  • Can Rovira sobrasada with honey and bread with tomato…9 €
  • Ham croquettes…2 € /unit
  • Baby red shrimp with sea salt…19 €
  • Fried battered squid…16 €

Light starters…

  • Curly lettuce salad with crispy pork ear and pine nut vinaigrette…12 €
  • Marinated tuna salad with grilled vegetables, sesame and pine nuts…15 €
  • Artichoke textures with foie-gras and crispy Iberian ham…19 €
  • Foie-gras over puffed pastry with caramelized apple and “contrasts” salad…19 €
  • Grilled vegetables with anchovies and romesco sauce…18 €
  • Pickled oysters with vegetables and seaweed…21 €
  • Fresh oysters…4’5 € /unit

Succulent starters…

  • Zuchinni cannelloni stuffed with mashed codfish and black garlic…16 €
  • Fried eggs with pork belly and soufflé potatoes…17 €
  • Open omelette with bread & tomato, ham and asparagus…19 €
  • Free-range chicken cannelloni with mushrooms in béchamel…23 €
  • Egg cooked at low temperature with vegetables and sobrasada crumbles…16 €
  • Sea cucumbers with pork belly and cauliflower puree…39 €
  • Grilled pork ear with trinxat (cabbage & mashed potato), garlic & parsley…14 €

Our rices… (They are cooked to order, please wait 18 minutes)

  • Creamy rice with spinach, codfish tripes, asparagus and yoghurt…19 €
  • Black rice with clams, monkfish and squid…19 €
  • Dry seafood rice (sea cucumber, shrimp, monkfish and squid)…29 €
  • Dry sea cucumber rice…42 €

From the sea…

  • Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and cayenne pepper…19 €
  • Grilled codfish served with white beans and codfish tripes…24 €
  • Grilled red shrimps from Blanes…39 €
  • Grilled red tuna with pickled sauce and baby vegetables…28 €
  • Baked monkfish with potatoes, ham and fried garlic…24 €
  • Grilled hake with mashed potato, fresh tomato and toasted bread…21 €

The meat…

  • Veal cheeks with mashed potato and radish…16 €
  • Pig’s stuffed with duck confit, dried apricots and pine nuts…18 €
  • Free-range chicken leg with French fries…16 €
  • Roasted suckling piglet with caramelized fruit…26 €
  • Veal filet with French fries…25 €
  • Veal fricassee with potatoes…24 €
  • Stewed veal ossobuco with deep fried eggplant…22 €
  • Steak tartar with soufflé potatoes and toasted bread…28 €

* We also offer half portions (except for rice, egg cooked at low temperature, omelette, chicken leg and cheek
pork); with a charge of 60% of the full portion price.
Always inform your server if you have any dietary requirements or allergies.

  • Snack service, bread service…5 €

Please inform the staff if the Snack and bread service is not of your request
VAT included